We integrate personalized charity offers into mobile games
and provide AI-based monetization tool for GameDev
We have proven that
charity boosts monetization
+ 20% to the average check
Without breaking the game balance
+ 15% of paying users
30% make purchase for the first time
& loyalty
We support 14 UN sustainable development goals
Ans easy to tune-up
through our portal
We have a
database of charities worldwide
We integrate
charity offers into mobile games via API
When purchasing offers
players choose charities they like
We transfer
funds raised
to the charities
Our AI algorithm provides offers with best conversion to payment
Our mission is to make charity simple and casual.
Players can save the world with no extra effort
doing what they love.
Offers are personalized. Players support what they like.
We make true impact
This is not a one-time PR event. This is a systematic tool.
We expect to transfer to charities
$1 600 000 000 till 2026
We work hard every day to make the world kinder
Jen D.
Co-founder, CEO
Superforce: charity, management
Jen has launched
14 social projects and helped 300,000 people.
2 successful businesses.
Has accelerated product launches by 6 times at the company worked in.
Nick S.
Co-founder, CTO
Superforce: software development, gamedev
Nick has launched
10+ international game projects for 10+M users

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