This is a place where people can find local bartenders, book online call and tip to support them (cause they depend up to three or four times more from tips than wage)
Please share this website to all your friends, local bars and restaurants!
About Talktip.me
We are inspired by our friends, who are barkeepers and face two problems at once. On the one hand, loss of profit. On the other hand, no chance to chat with guests.

People stay at home with limited options for communication. They do not have an opportunity to live a regular life (e.g. to chat with your favourite bartender on Friday evening).

Local bars & restaurants are closed, staff is losing money.

We decided that it will be great if guests can connect with their local (or not) bartenders and have some nice online coffee/beer experience, discuss different things and keep their normal life connections active. And tip hosts after this experience. That can add some fun for staying in isolation and bartenders can earn some money to pay their bills. Cause they depend up to three or four times more from tips than wage.

There is a lot more that bartenders have to do besides make drinks. A lot of customers probably aren't aware of all that goes on while visiting the bar. Bartenders give you therapy in many cases. Even though they are not professionally qualified, they end up giving a lot of advice about your woes and heartbreak.